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​Some thoughts to share with my friends in Twitter

Well my thoughts are all over the place about this strategy planning stuff.  
Would you believe it that something woke me up last night and then couldn't go back to sleep thinking about what options should I suggest in the Poll form ?  which BTW it could also be found in the main page of our sites "doh!" 

#supportarmiehammer 🧡
#armiewillsurviveandthrive #egba

#supportArmieHammer ❣️

First of all this draft, as is usual with me,  turned out to be some sort of declaration (of who knows what!) ) 

While browsing around Twitter, noticed that there are groups with hashtags supporting #ArmieHammer  in one way or another and from many countries.  
Among the ones I noticed were from Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Italy, France, Russia maybe?, South Africa and Sweden.  Weknow that CMBYN is very famous in Japan so there must be one. 
I think that Korea also have some followers but I can't quite trust the translations by Google, not for the site but the syntax or unique way of expressing thoughts maybe ? 

If somebody knows of other countries, please let me know, or contact them yourselves asking them to join us and once we agree on the "Strategy Plan" explain them our objective(s).  (ha ha, reminds me of my job as Assistant to Management LOL)
So I would propose :

  •  Explore groups around WW supporting #ArmieHammer 
  •  Get in touch with them and maybe ask them to join us
  •  Find a way to Unify in one Support Group all those scattered around the WW 
  •  Encourage some of the important publications to change their views against #ArmieHammer or at least stop campaigning against him. 
  •  Try to achieve a strong trending move (?) in favour of #ArmieHammer

So far the above is my suggested list of options.  Please let me know your ideas as well as to add, modify it or present a totally new one, whichever you feel would be more effective for reaching the "bl..d.y" media :) 
Something else I've noticed is the important number of people believing in #ArmieHammer 's innocence. 
To increase that number, for those that may not be acquainted with the whole sad mess, I think it could be important to stress that there are no "charges, cause or criminal proceeding standing against him" (*) so legally, he is innocent. 
(*) Words of his attorney during an Interview with a reporter from Variety.

As a consequence of the allegations published by some women in various media, which were readily accepted as the truth, his name was badly smeared and seriously disrupted his acting career and private life.
It's no coincidence, I believe, that all of that happened when he started to became more famous after the success of CMBYN.

The apparent scandal around a well known movie star, undoubtedly meant more circulation and more money for the "yellow" paper publications and web journals.  
Unless, as someone mentioned in a tweet, some other -dark- force is behind all that smear campaign which it would requireconsiderable wealth to maintain ... who knows?.
Whatever the reason, what pisses me no end is that at present, the career of an excellent actor,  and his own personal life are destroyed, even when innocent. He was happily married, a good family man and father who loves his children very much.
Sorry I always get furious and carried away when thinking about that.


-- This is The End --
​Thanks for reading