My Digital Retreat

Will try to show here some of the digital images I've made since Bill Gates created Microsoft (C)

Like what you see?

In my Portfolio will try to add some more Fractals and other Digital Art I created while participating in many Art Sites. 


Skills Include /d:

  • Secretarial work(coffee  serving inclusive )

  • Languages -Translations to and from English to Spanish and some Portuguese to English or Spanish

  • Light PC troubleshooting
  • Photoshop, Retouching, Corel Draw, and many other digital art creators.

  • Fractals and many other programs/applications.

About Site Name

The moment I was exposed to one of the first "Atari" s back in the '70s I fell in love with computers and anything digital.  Then when I had my own PC (with Windows 1.0 or was it 1.02 ? ) as soon as I could I bought a Domain !  Never had much business, actually never managed to really do any business with it.  It is I suppose my hobby and it seems I will keep it until I could not afford it anymore. So it is some sort of Digital Retreat for me now.

The "Skills" mentioned on the side are part of the Site Creator I am using; I just added a few of the ones I have (had maybe ?) that helped me to sort of "survive" through some hurdles and choices in my life. 

The M favicon before the name of the site "Marthig-dot-Com" is made by me and is registered in the Gravatar site, but since this free 5 pages site does not allow any additions to the CSS in the html I can't add it officially.