About Site Name

The moment I was exposed to one of the first "Atari" s back in the '70s I fell in love with computers and anything digital.  Then when I had my own PC (with Windows 1.0 or was it 1.02 ? ) as soon as I could I bought a Domain !  Never had much business, actually never managed to really do any business with it.  It is I suppose my hobby and it seems I will keep it until I could not afford it anymore. So it is some sort of Digital Retreat for me now.

The "Skills" mentioned on the side are part of the Site Creator I am using; I just added a few of the ones I have (had maybe ?) that helped me to sort of "survive" through some hurdles and choices in my life. 

The M favicon before the name of the site "Marthig-dot-Com" is made by me and is registered in the Gravatar site, but since this free 5 pages site does not allow any additions to the CSS in the html I can't add it officially. 

Like what you see?

In my Portfolio will try to add some more Fractals and other Digital Art I created while participating in many Art Sites. 



Skills Include /d:

  • Secretarial work(coffee  serving inclusive )

  • Languages -Translations to and from English to Spanish and some Portuguese to English or Spanish

  • Light PC troubleshooting
  • Photoshop, Retouching, Corel Draw, and many other digital art creators.

  • Fractals and many other programs/applications.

My Digital Retreat

Will try to show here some of the digital images and some stuff to share 
​since Bill Gates created Microsoft